What people are saying…

Aged Care

The best benefit of using Better Caring was having a really personalised, flexible service that delivered above and beyond our expectations. It’s become a new life for my father. It’s marvellous.Carolyn

Vijaya M.
I was able to go away on holidays knowing that mum was being cared for by someone we had chosen together. Our culture is very important to my mother. I was happy to find someone that would be able to socially connect with her.Vijaya M.

Disability support

Better Caring is very empowering and helps fashion life how I would like it to be, how I like it to look. Having been with a few service providers now, I know the difference.Suzie P.

Picture of Better Caring logo
My son Shai is supported by two reliable, flexible and caring workers he found on Better Caring. Kerry supports him to build his independent living skills, while Fiona takes him to Special Olympics golf, helping him prepare for the NSW state competition. Shai’s passion is baseball and Fiona arranged for him to attend an Australian Major League game where he had the joy of pitching the warm-up ball.Arahni S.
Better Caring is the new way of doing things. It allows me to simply manage my funding and offers me the flexibility I need to live my life.Grant
Picture of Grant, a client of Better Caring
We needed someone experienced in dealing with difficult behaviours to manage the needs of our 19 year old daughter who has severe autism. We desperately needed a break and she needed exercise and freedom from us. With Better Caring we had the flexibility to tailor a program that suited her. We used our RIAP funding package and found Better Caring fees to be very reasonable.
Leanne M.


“As a provider of home care services, I have found Better Caring extremely useful. The range of workers available allows us to ensure that personalities and capabilities match. As far as I can see, there are only winners in this model.Daniel, Client Services Director
“I was having difficulty sourcing a local care worker for my client with the necessary experience and availability. Better Caring allowed me to search and engage workers directly and I was impressed with the detailed reporting, shift notes and messaging capabilities that allow me to be up to date with the care services being provided.Disability Services Provider
As a financial planner, I assist clients in a range of areas. Through Better Caring I found a care worker for an elderly client who wished to remain at home despite reduced mobility. I was able to search and match suitable assistance which has been fantastic in meeting all our needs — laundry, driving, cleaning, cooking etc. I can highly recommend the Better Caring website.

Robert L, Financial Planner

Our care and support workers

I decided to join Better Caring as I needed to get back into the workforce. I’ve got regular work, I have clients that I love and they love me. The best thing is that clients have chosen me.
Lisa S

Care worker - Viola B.
I can’t speak highly enough of Better Caring. As a provider of Domestic and Social Assistance, I found the staff friendly and approachable, with payments made on time. The experience was richly rewarding. Thank you Better Caring, by finding you, I found myself and have realised this is what I should have been doing all along.Viola B.
Photo of Diego - a care worker
Better Caring has made life easier! I set my own rates, with simple admin fees and have built a strong relationship with my clients.Diego O.

I registered about two weeks ago with Better Caring as a support worker and carer. Within two days I was contacted by two clients’ families and am now supporting both on a daily basis. Both are lovely clients and I am very happy with my work as well as how Better Caring has set up the platform. Time sheets and all communication works well.
Payments are prompt, too!Elisabeth G

It was very impressive to complete my profile and get approval within 24 hours. The steps were straightforward and the Better Caring staff were very helpful during the process.Wellington D.