The support you need to live your life can come from a range of places. Now, there’s one place where you can bring them all together.

For the first time, the Better Caring platform provides a venue for you to build and manage your own team of paid supports.

Your team might include traditional support such as personal care and community access, as well as innovative supports that are totally unique to you and your life.

The choice, control and flexibility that the platform provides supports the aspirations of the NDIS, and helps your funding package go further.

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Better Caring and the NDIS: your questions answered

Your NDIS funding will be split between the three categories of support defined under the NDIS; Core Supports, Capacity Building and Capital Funding.

You can use your Core Supports and Capacity Building funding to engage services through the Better Caring platform.

If you are self-managing, we can invoice you directly, allowing you to be reimbursed by the NDIA.

Alternatively, we can work with your current plan manager to arrange payment for your services. You’d simply need to email a copy of your plan manager’s details to our customer care team at so we can verify they are happy to process the payments.

Once we have confirmation from your plan manager, we’re good to go.

If you are self-managing, you will be provided with your individual funding from the NDIS to organise and pay directly for your supports. In this case, you do not need anything specific in your plan to be able to access supports through Better Caring.

If you are plan-managing, or have a coordinator of supports who also acts as your approved financial intermediary, then they will be responsible for holding funds and processing payments to Better Caring on your behalf.

If you are NDIA managing you can still use Better Caring, but there are some additional steps that you will need to go through. Give us a call on 1300 73 65 73 or send an email to and we’ll get in touch with more information.

Better Caring’s community of care and support workers is growing daily, offering a range of diverse services through the platform. Services you can access include social support and community participation, domestic assistance, personal care, nursing services as well as vocational, recreational and travel supports.
No, not unless you want to!

Better Caring can work with your current plan manager or coordinator of supports to find and engage the supports you need through the Better Caring platform.

We also have a customer care team on hand who can help you to get set up and navigate the platform, and match you with workers providing the services you’re looking for. For those who’d like it, in some areas, we also have a client onboarding team who can meet with you in person to establish your Better Caring profile and get you familiarised with the website.

If your plan is currently agency managed by the NDIA, you can request a review to ensure your plan incorporates full or partial plan management.

We work closely with the NDIA to assist participants who would like to use Better Caring, but don’t have the appropriate level of plan management. Get in touch with us on 1300 73 65 73 to find out more.

If you would like to dispute the amount of funding that the NDIA has allocated to you, you would need to contact the agency directly. Their contact details can be found at this link.

That’s up to you and your support workers. We have the functionality to get you set up as an employer of your team members, or to enable you to engage them as independent contractors. The choice is yours.

In either scenario, your timesheets, payments and insurances can all still be easily managed through the platform.

Better Caring and you: how it works

Better Caring is a new model that allows you to set up the right support for your life, with the people you choose. Some supports you might discover on Better Caring, others you might know through your own networks, and some we can find together.

Here’s how Better Caring worked for Ben…

Ben’s story

Ben came to Better Caring with the aim of increasing his participation with the local community through both work and social outcomes.

Step 1

Ben connected with Lead Care Worker Jill, who helped him to select and coordinate the right team to achieve his goals.

Step 2

Ben & Jill identified workers from within the Better Caring community who could support Ben in various ways.

Step 3

Ben’s friend, an accountant, helps out with his finances, so Ben identified him as an important team member and engaged him through the Better Caring platform.

Ben created a personal team of 10 workers he manages through the Better Caring platform, and with their support, launched his own small business. Plus, with the ability to hire his team members at rates he was happy with, he was able to get more overall hours of support from his funding.

How to get started building your team

  • Connector.

    Step 1

    We work with you to discover what support you already have, or what additional supports you might need in your life.

  • Connector.

    Step 2

    We provide you with a direct connection to an existing online community of independent support workers to choose from.

  • Connector.

    Step 3

    We help you to identify any existing supports you would like to retain & manage through the platform.

  • Connector.

    Step 4

    You agree the rates and schedules that work for you, and easily manage and pay your team online.

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