Satish’s story: Self-funding and saving money through Better Caring

For over 40 years Dr Satish Loomba and his wife Sara, also a medical practitioner, together ran a medical practice.

When Sara passed away and Satish retired from practice, his emotional and physical health began to deteriorate, culminating in a nine-week hospitalization and stay in respite care with a broken wrist.

Upon release from hospital, Satish was faced with the possibility of a move to a residential facility, after the geriatric team refused to allow him to leave hospital without proper care.

Despite his complex health issues, Dr Loomba was adamant that he would continue living in his own home. He sought the assistance of a home care provider, who was able to provide the help that he needed to regain his health and confidence in undertaking daily tasks.

A self-funded retiree, Satish opted to bypass the long process of obtaining a home care package, instead paying for his supports privately. Even so, sourcing his support through a provider quickly became a financial burden.

For many like Satish, being a self-funded retiree does not necessarily mean an endless pool of resources to draw upon.

It was then that he discovered Better Caring, an online platform where he could find and directly hire his own care workers and nursing staff.

For Satish, the result was the same level of care, at a much lower cost. Not only that, he was able to build direct, close relationships to the care workers providing him with support. It’s a network he has come to depend on.

“I can be confident they are there when I need them. Someone to rely on.”

Satish hires a few different workers from the Better Caring platform who work with him on different days to provide a range of supports. His care workers include Fiona, who has a background in aged care case management, and focuses on ensuring Satish is getting the physical exercise he needs to maintain his mental and physical wellbeing.

For his part, Dr Loomba feels lucky that, as a GP, he is more informed than most. While innovative new platforms like Better Caring provide more affordable options for people who are funding their own care, Dr Satish believes it is this segment of society that can ‘get lost in the system’.

In the context of a national shortage of home care packages, many are spending months on waiting lists to receive care. Like Satish, they may be better off using their contribution to select and hire their own local care workers from

Not only is it affordable, the choice and control enables Satish to design his care around his life, and not the other way around.

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