Paul’s story: making the most of self management

In the new world of self-direction, you could say that Paul is a veteran.

He’s had many years’ experience hiring support workers – and tried different models of service delivery – before eventually finding Better Caring.

It was a lucky find, given that Paul was not only looking for support workers for himself, but also for in-home care for his ageing mother, who lives with him at home and has a consumer-directed Home Care Package.

One of a small percentage of people who self-manages his own funding from Family and Community Services, Paul is about to make the transition to the NDIS, where he intends to continue to self-manage under the new model.

For Paul, who has experience hiring his support workers directly, one of the greatest benefits of using Better Caring is the ability to make payment directly through the platform. With insurances taken care of by Better Caring, and his support workers managing their own tax and super, the platform helps to relieve Paul of additional administrative burdens that hiring directly can bring.

Not only that, with a funding package worth about $140 000 a year, the move to self management has allowed Paul to ensure that he is getting the most value out of his supports.

It’s a move that has made a material difference in his life. Since taking over the management of his funds 2 ½ years ago, Paul has managed to save over $50 000, investing the valuable funds in much-needed modifications to his home, wheelchair and mobile devices.

Paul’s savings have, in part, been the result of his decision to hire support workers like Elizabeth directly through the Better Caring platform. At an average cost of $30 an hour, it’s an affordable solution for Paul to access the personal and domestic support that he requires.

When Paul requires Elizabeth’s services can change from week to week, and through the Better Caring model, he can easily manage his schedule of supports around his life.

Elizabeth is very genuine, super honest – whenever I need her, she will be there 90% of the time.Paul

It’s the type of flexible, responsive service that many are recognising as an essential part of the future of self-management.