John’s story: Choose your own adventure

For adults with an intellectual disability, great support workers can be like family. A support worker like John is like having a really cool friend.

When you meet John, you might say he is the kind of person who has adventure in his blood. Adventure, and a genuine love of people.

John story

With over 20 years experience in support work, John has found a way to combine his wanderlust with his passion for helping people with a disability to get the quality of life they deserve.

The trio’s tours are just one of the hundreds of services that clients and their families can find through Better Caring, Australia’s largest and most diverse online community of independent support workers.

Together, Michael, Leo and John have over 40 years experience in the Australian and international disability care and travel sectors. The group can be found on any given weekend bushwalking, kite flying, fishing, or just enjoying a BBQ in some of Sydney’s most iconic locations such as the Blue Mountains or the Royal National Park.

John and his colleagues create itineraries that are focused on creating an environment where people feel valued, can develop some new life skills and practice interacting with the community.

We want our participants leaving our tours with some new friends, feeling a little bit fitter and a little more confident.

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