Jack’s story: A new lease on life at 91

Carolyn’s dad Jack was finding his regular trips to visit his sister Nell increasingly difficult. While he and his wife remained at home, his dementia meant connection to the community was becoming a thing of the past.

The family came across Better Caring after an extensive search for home care services that could cater to someone with his specific needs.

Jack and Doreen require assistance with a range of daily tasks, which can include everything from dressing to physio and light household duties. But just as essential as the day-to-day personal care is someone who can provide some company.

Jack story

It was on the Better Caring platform that they found a solution – a care worker named Lisa who could visit Jack once a week to help him maintain his social connections, and give his wife Doreen a some much-needed respite.

Carolyn was attracted to Lisa’s profile not only because of her experience as a registered nurse, but because she had the flexibility – and the personality – that she knew her father would like.

In Lisa, they found someone who exceeded all their expectations.

Together with Nell, each Monday Jack and Lisa take the time to do something enriching – like visiting an art gallery, the Botanic Gardens, or taking a walk to the beaches near Jack’s home in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

It’s a relationship that has made a material difference in Jack’s quality of life, and given his family the peace of mind they needed.

It’s become a new life for my father. His life is improving. It’s marvellous.Carolyn

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