Daniel’s story: Finding independence through Better Caring

Like most other 20 year olds, Daniel* is fiercely independent.

But living with an intellectual disability means that he needs some support to carve his own path into adulthood. For Daniel, this comes in the form of a support worker to check in once a week and help him with the basic life skills he needs to manage in a place of his own.

better caring

Unfortunately, securing the right supports has not been easy, with Daniel struggling to find a connection with the care workers that he had been sent by his provider.

When Daniel found Better Caring, it had been months since he had allowed a support worker into his home. His situation had become unsafe and his guardian was considering moving Daniel to a group home.

Luckily, like most other 20 year olds, Daniel’s tech native instincts kicked in, and he searched for an answer online.

For Daniel, finding the right support worker was all about choice. His choice.

With Better Caring, he was able to search the profiles of local, independent support workers to find someone he liked the sound of. He made contact, conducted a phone interview, and with the help of his guardian, hired them directly.

It was the first time in eight months that Daniel had allowed a support worker into his home.

Since then, Daniel has worked with a number of support workers he found via the Better Caring platform.

One worker he hired helped Daniel to get his house in order. As they cleaned, the pair uncovered a skateboard, and a shared love of the sport. It was the crucial connection Daniel needed.

Together, Daniel and his support worker work together to develop the life skills he needs to maintain his home and to achieve his two main goals; to learn how to cook, and catch the bus independently.

That’s when they’re not practising their skills at the local half-pipe.

“This is the most progress Daniel has made since I’ve been working with him.”Daniel's guardian

*Please note, Daniel’s name has been changed to protect his identity.

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