Transparent Pricing

Our users pay less, while our workers earn more. That’s what happens when you cut out the middleman.

Better value

You only pay for the hours you receive, at a price agreed between you and your support worker.

It’s the most transparent, flexible pricing on the market.

Better yet, it’s free to sign up!

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Simple fees

Lower fees means more hours of support.

Our users pay less.

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    Better Caring charges a flat 5% fee on top of your worker’s hourly rate.

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    Low fees mean you can get more hours of support from workers you’ve chosen.

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    Pay privately or use your NDIS or Home Care Package funding.

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    Easily track payments via your online dashboard.

And workers earn more.

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    Workers pay a 10% service fee, automatically deducted via the site.

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    This covers the cost of insurances when a worker is booked through the platform.

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    Grow your skills with subsidised courses through our training partners.

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    Manage your business with discounts through our partner, Airtax.

Choice, control and more hours of support each week.

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