Register to change your disability support provider when the NDIS rolls out

When the NDIS rolls out in your area you will have the opportunity to be assessed for individualised funding, and to plan your own supports. This means you will have the freedom to choose which provider holds your funds, or to manage the funds yourself.

If you aren’t happy with the services from your current provider, or they won’t allow you to hire workers directly through Better Caring, you might be able to change your provider now. If that is not possible you can register here to let us know that you would like to change your provider when the NDIS rolls out in your area.

Better Caring is not registered with the NDIS, but we are working with a range of registered providers to make sure that our users are able to move to a provider that gives them a better deal. That means having reasonable administration and case management fees, and allowing clients to choose their own care workers through Better Caring.

If you register here we’ll get in touch when the NDIS rolls out in your area to let you know your options.

Register Your Interest