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What is a Home Care Package?

The Australian Government provides older people with financial assistance to obtain the care they need to continue living safely and comfortably at home.

Called Home Care Packages, they range from Level 1 for low-level care to Level 4 for high-level care. You can apply for a Home Care Package through MyAgedCare.

Consumer Directed Care

All Home Care Packages must be “Consumer Directed” – which puts you in the driver’s seat in making choices about the types of care and services you want.

It means you are given an annual budget that outlines the government funding you receive and the fees you must pay. It also gives you the right to use your budget to purchase the aged care services you choose.

Making the most of your funding

The administration fees and operational expenses of home care service providers can significantly reduce the number of hours you receive from your Home Care Packages.

By being well informed, and exercising your right to choice and control, you can make the most of the available funds. This means getting more hours of care, and being able to stay living at home longer.

Home Care Package Calculator

Use our Home Care Package Calculator to work out how many hours of support you could get per week, depending on the fees and hourly rates charged by your provider.

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