Better Caring in the News


12 APRIL 2018

Wait for home-care packages pushing elderly into nursing home

Better Caring was mentioned in the Sydney Morning Herald as a solution for people waiting for their Home Care Package to be allocated. By engaging with workers directly, people seeking aged care can increase their hours of support and remain at home for longer. READ MORE »


24 FEBRUARY 2018

The long game: how to fund staying at home in the twilight years

Better Caring was featured in the Australian Financial Review as a solution for people wanting to self manage their Home Care Packages. Better Caring clients, Isabel and Manuel, explained how they increased the hours of support received from their Home Care Package. READ MORE »

Herald Sun

21 NOVEMBER 2017

Growing online marketplace helps match carers with elderly and people with disabilities

Peter Scutt struggled to find the support to allow his frail, elderly father and elderly mother, both with dementia, to remain living in their house together in their final years. READ MORE »

Game Changers

23 AUGUST 2017

Why Peter Scutt Decided To Revolutionise Home Care And Support

Better Caring co-founder Peter Scutt tells Game Changers host Sarah Harris (Shark Tank/Studio 10) that his own parents were the catalyst for the platform enabling people who are ageing, or those with a disability, to customise their own care and support. WATCH NOW »

Photo of Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt, COTA CEO Ian Yates, and Peter Scutt

17 JULY 2017

Aged Care Minister and COTA Australia open expanded Better Caring headquarters

Better Caring welcomed the Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt and COTA Australia Chief Executive Ian Yates to launch our expanded Sydney headquarters. Read the media release from the Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt or COTA Australia.

The Australian

22 MAY 2017

Elderly call shots under Better Caring service model

At 102 years of age, Eileen pursues her lifelong passion for dancing by connecting with support workers who help her achieve her aspirations. READ MORE »

Collective Hub

19 MAY 2017

The startup flipping aged care on its head

Better Caring enables clients and workers to connect not only because they have the right availability, skills and experience, but also because they have shared interests. READ MORE »

Talking Lifestyle

1 MAY 2017

Second Career

A big thanks to Matthew Tukaki from 2UE’s Talking Lifestyle program for having us on the show again, it was nice to be invited back! LISTEN NOW »

Talking Lifestyle

3 APRIL 2017

Second Career

Thanks Matthew Tukaki from 2UE’s Talking Lifestyle program for having Peter Scutt on the show to talk about how Better Caring allows Australians to build their careers around their lives, while making a difference in someone else’s. LISTEN NOW »

Daily Telegraph

25 MARCH 2017

Fun, new roles for carers

The growing disability sector and introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme is opening up roles in new areas and increased opportunity for career development. READ MORE »


12 MARCH 2017

More choice for elderly to receive aged care at home

For Barbara Leonard, 73, the ability to change providers to get the type of care needed to kep her husband David, 78, at home following a massive stroke couldn’t come soon enough. READ MORE »

Over Sixty

31 JANUARY 2017

Signs your ageing loved one needs assistance

Peter Scutt, founder of Better Caring, shares his advice on what to look out for and what to do if a loved one’s behaviour indicates they need assistance. READ MORE »


21 JANUARY 2017

Changes to Home Care Funding and Services

Peter Scutt recently spoke to Bina Brown from the Australian Financial Review about the major changes to Home Care Funding and services that will take effect from the 27th of February. READ MORE »

Community Care Review

19 JANUARY 2017

Digital disruptors: how technology can help restore the balance of power

Technology platforms have an important role to play in advancing the government’s agenda to hand back greater choice and control to Australians who are ageing. READ MORE »

Today Show


Better Caring on Channel 9’s Today Show

Today spoke to relationship expert Melissa Ferrari about the new ways technology is helping people to connect with the support they need over the Christmas season. WATCH NOW »

Channel 10


Better Caring on Channel 10 News

Thank you Channel 10 News for having us on the show and sharing the story of our care worker Sue and client Ruth. WATCH NOW »

Sky News

21 NOVEMBER 2016

Better Caring interview on Sky News

Better Caring founder, Peter Scutt, was interviewed on Sky News. If you missed the interview, here’s the link to the full video. WATCH NOW »


20 NOVEMBER 2016

Revolutionising aged and disability care

Thanks Trevor Long from 2UE for having Peter Scutt on last night to talk about how the Better Caring platform is helping Australians access affordable, flexible aged care and disability support. LISTEN NOW »


15 NOVEMBER 2016

Morgans Startup Series

Thank you Morgans for interviewing us in your latest podcast of the Startup Series. In the latest podcast, Chris Titley interviews Peter Scutt, co-founder of Better Caring. LISTEN NOW »



How to get More for Less with your Home Care Package

Under the government’s Consumer Directed Care (CDC) initiative, you have the freedom to shop around and choose which services you need. READ MORE »

Starts at 60

25 OCTOBER 2016

Huge changes for Australians receiving home care

Your loved ones may be entitled to more support than they’re currently receiving. For those of us with ageing parents, home care services can offer enormous peace of mind. READ MORE »


25 OCTOBER 2016

Better Caring raises AU$3m in Series B round ahead of aged care regulatory changes

The funding is well-timed to capitalise on the rollout of the AU$22 billion NDIS, as well as the changes to aged care legislation coming into effect that are focused on giving consumers greater choice. READ MORE »


24 OCTOBER 2016

Carers marketplace Better Caring raises $3 million from Ellerston Ventures

Better Caring, has closed a $3 million funding round, which will help it take advantage of regulatory changes in the space to give people with a disability more control over their finances. READ MORE »


20 OCTOBER 2016

The technology start up changing community care delivery

Start ups like Better Caring are shaking up the community care landscape by cutting out the middle man and eliminating costly overheads. READ MORE »


19 OCTOBER 2016

How the NDIS brought Uberfication to the Community Services Industry

The introduction of the NDIS has brought with it a need to think and behave differently as an industry – it creates a new kind of market by giving consumers real choice and control. READ MORE »

Money Magazine


There’s no place like home

An industry shake-up that provides greater support at a lower cost could transform the lives of the elderly. READ MORE »

Network 10

10 APRIL 2016

Better Caring on Studio 10

Better Caring founder, Peter Scutt, was a guest on Network Ten’s morning talk show, Studio 10. A big thanks to Studio 10 Panel Sarah Harris, Jessica Rowe and Joe Hildebrand for hosting us again. It was nice to be invited back. WATCH NOW »


14 MARCH 2016

Help to stay at home

If you’re facing the prospect of navigating aged care services, there are quite a few things you need to consider. If you (or your loved one) aren’t on the path to residential care, one of the potential options available to you will be a Home Care Package. READ MORE »

The Senior

01 MARCH 2016

Independent providers gear up

Better Caring founder Peter Scutt said his care management platform, which allows clients to negotiate directly with fully qualified carers who operate as independent contractors, was an option growing in popularity. READ MORE »


11 FEBRUARY 2016

My parents don’t want to go to an “old people’s home”

Caring for parents can become incredibly overwhelming, particularly when we have jobs, families of our own and all the responsibilities of modern life. READ MORE »

The Courier Mail

30 JANUARY 2016

Good Carer Move

By being a carer I had the opportunity to help people. I set out to make sure that I could care for those in need and aid their self-confidence. READ MORE »


4 JANUARY 2016

Ageing population means boom time for home care businesses

Meet three burgeoning businesses, kickstarted by their owners’ experiences with elderly parents, aimed at helping the aged stay in their own homes. READ MORE »

DPS News

09 DECEMBER 2015

A Better Caring Solution

The introduction of Consumer Directed Care (CDC) puts home care consumers in control of who delivers their care. READ MORE »


08 DECEMBER 2015

Online platform facilitates care to help seniors stay at home

Every Monday, Better Caring careworker Lisa Slater collects Jack Moulos, 91, from his home in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. READ MORE »

Tim Webster

14 NOVEMBER 2015

Weekend Afternoons with Tim Webster

Better Caring founder, Peter Scutt was interviewed by Tim Webster on 2UE. LISTEN NOW »

Wentworth Courier

11 NOVEMBER 2015

More Care Workers in demand

Research by personal care and disability support market place Better Caring has identified that more care workers are needed in the eastern suburbs to meet increasing demand for care and disability support. READ MORE »

ABC Local Radio


Better Caring founder Peter Scutt on ABC Radio, Mornings with Steve Martin

Better Caring founder, Peter Scutt, was a guest on ABC Radio’s show, Mornings with Steve Martin. READ MORE »



Marketplace for aged-care workers aims to improve their lot

Computershare co-founder Tony Wales and KTM Capital founder Keith Kerridge, whose company led 2013’s Freelancer float, have joined a $2.3 million expansion round for Better Caring, a marketplace for disability-and-aged-care workers, which aims to make the sector a more attractive employer. READ MORE »

Daily Telegraph


Better Caring set to expand across Oz

PETER Scutt became fixed on shaking up the home care industry after struggling to find affordable and suitable support for his elderly parents. He endured an agonising search for a long-term carer for his 83-year-old mother, whose dementia was getting worse, and for his frail 91-year-old father, who wanted to continue to live at home with his wife. READ MORE »



Computershare co-founder and Freelancer floater back marketplace promising better conditions for care workers

Co-founder Peter Scutt, a former Bankers Trust partner, says Better Caring was inspired by the experience of his own parents who wanted to remain living in their own home. READ MORE »

Startup Smart


Peter Scutt finds a better way to care

Peter Scutt’s startup journey started with a simple desire – he wanted to ensure his parents received the best possible care as they grew older. Both parents adamantly wanted to stay in their own home, but Scutt found it difficult and expensive to organise care workers. READ MORE »

Network 10

01 JULY 2015

Better Caring on Studio 10

Better Caring founder, Peter Scutt, was a guest today on Network Ten’s morning talk show, Studio 10. A big thanks to Studio 10 Panel Ita Buttrose, Joe Hildebrand, Sarah Harris and Jessica Rowe for hosting us and sharing our story. WATCH NOW »

Susie Elelman

10 MAY 2015

Better Caring featured on 2GB with Susie Elelman

Better Caring Chief Communications Officer Jane Floyd was a guest on Late Night with Susie Elelman on 2GB. LISTEN NOW »

Community Care Review

07 MAY 2015

A new era in community care has arrived

The community care industry is crying out for innovation. Enter Better Caring – a new concept that uses enabling technology that creates an online venue for directly connecting those who need a care service to those with a vested interest in delivering great care, saving time and money. READ MORE »

Alan Jones

05 FEBRUARY 2015

Alan Jones talks about Better Caring

Better Caring was spoken about by Alan Jones on 2GB. LISTEN NOW »